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Posted By admin on 08/17/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities
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This super cute newscaster from Youngstown, Ohio resigned from her dream job at WKBN-TV when her drunken t-shirt contest video from Key West, Florida surfaced on the Internet.

Looking at the pictures that were snapped by various attendees and contest promoters I have to warn you, this shit is graphic!

First, we will talk about the irony of this whole thing. Girls, when you do something like get nude in public you have to expect that your pictures will be all over the Internet for the rest of your life. Think about that the next time you get drunk at a bar that hosts wet t-shirt contests!

Plus, if you are going to be on TV on a regular basis you have to really look at that rule above. Bore it into your mind. Then surround yourself with people that don’t want to see you make a fool of yourself. In Catherine Bosley’s situation that person was not her husband. He let her make a big mistake.

She definitely is not bad to look at from the back side that is for sure.

On the front side, however, we can get to the second rule. When you get a boob job, get a good boob job! Nothing looks uglier than boobs that seem to be more of an alien apparatus than a natural part of the body!

So here is to more Nude Female Celebrities making bad decisions about where to lose their clothing.

A judge just awarded Catherine Bosley and her husband $135,000 plus attorney fees from a lawsuit they filed against Hustler for releasing the video and still pictures taken from the video.

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