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Posted By admin on 10/17/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


Should Kim Kardashian be wearing a one piece bathing suit that is a few sizes too small? Well, after looking at this Kim Kardashian post pregnancy selfie pic I have to say she should. Not only should she be doing it and posting pictures of her big, bad, beautiful self, but she should be sporting it in tropical destinations where Summer is just beginning.

Kim’s extra large booty looks even more impressive now that her daughter North West has left her impression on her mommies derriere. Here is a tip for girls out there with no ass: Get pregnant!

Hats off to this celeb socialite for getting herself back into the kind of shape both her fans and her man are accustomed to. Hopefully we will see plenty more of this hottie in the coming months. By next summer she will be the talk of the town all over again. Sorry haters, you are just going to have to keep on hating!

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I just love watching those free porn tube videos from videarn.com. This is the perfect place if you want to go to relax by watching how beautiful brunette girls like Jaime Hammer showing her beautiful boobs. Jaime’s tits are the size 32GG and she’s proud of what mother nature gave them. She’s not a selfish person and that’s why she is sharing so many pictures of her and her naked boobs. They are her favorite toys but she told us when we were behind the scenes that she also likes it when she shares her toys with someone, it makes her feel like a very naughty girl.

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Posted By admin on 10/04/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities
tumblr_mu28gx8RMU1qa42jro1_1280 bill_the_cat_by_davinci73

I won’t deny that I would fuck Miley Cyrus. She has a fit body. She has a cute face. It is just that I am not liking her Bill The Cat impression. I mean seriously. It isn’t sexy. Can you just go back to keeping both eyes open and your tongue in your mouth?


Currently Miley is going through a phase most girls go through some time around hitting puberty. They take their leotards and pull it up their asses in an attempt to repackage themselves into what they think the boys in school want. Miley is doing this and calling it feminism. Really?




But like I said, I would still fuck her. The sad thing is that she is acting like a prostitute, but calling herself a pimp. She actually thinks she is coming up with all of the slutty things she has been doing lately without even realizing the men surrounding her are making oodles of cash off of her prostituted ass.

Anyway, you can find plenty more of her debauchery on Dirty Teen Celebrities. The site exposes the sluts for who they really are. Things get pretty graphic so watch out!

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Chatsex with Shannon Sky tonight! Shannon Sky in a yellow string bikini

No doubt Shannon Sky has a lot of fans. I have been jerking off to her buxom beauty for years. I love that her tits stand up. Way up! I love her skinny legs and her skinny arms. Her body looks nice and long. I also like that she can play both sides of the spectrum. An innocent schoolgirl or a dominating schoolmarm.

While there can be no doubt Shannon is a hottie we cannot forget that she is just one of the dozens of pornstar webcam models on Her Camera. Each pornstar has her own schedule and her own way of doing things. I prefer the ones that do Gold Shows and Parties. You pay a little and get to see a lot.

Webcams have come a long way. With ever increasing internet speeds and changing technology in the devices we connect to the internet with we can expect things to only get better as time goes along. Right now you could be enjoying one of the many porn stars on HerCamera.com right on your mobile phone or tablet PC.

Live it up before somebody gets elected and tells you that you can’t!

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Posted By admin on 08/28/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


I titled this post Miley Cyrus VMAs 2013 Performance, but I am not sure what it was. There was some twerking and gyrating going on. I think I saw some pedobear stand-ins at one point. The one thing I didn’t see was camel toe. That piece really could have used more camel toe. Especially with the tight outfits she was wearing.


Even after that show she put on at the 2013 VMAs I haven’t lost all respect for Miley. I’d tap her punker Barbie ass in a New York minute.

See all of her sexy photos, clips and fake nudes at Dirty Teen Celebrities. The site is like a clearing house for everything female child stars do wrong. So long as what they are doing is sexy!

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Posted By admin on 08/05/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities
Watch this video right on your cell phone Stream Porn to  your smart phone!

It seems like everything is going mobile these days. Why not bring your porn with you anywhere you go? No, you don’t need a super-Mondo smart phone with 64 gigs of memory. I am not talking about transferring the porn to your phone. I am talking about a whole new way of collecting porn by using the cloud as your personal porn storage space.

With the new FyreTV.com patented technology you can do things like perform a mobile stream of Pretty Titties right from your cloud space to your cell phone. FyreTV lets you create libraries of hardcore porn you can access from anywhere. You can even use an Apple TV box or other set top box to watch your porn on your high definition TV at home.

Don’t buy another DVD until you find out what a blessing FyreTV.com is!

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Myla Sinanaj video Myla Sinanaj video

After he got canned by Kim Kardashian it was time to find a replacement. Kris Humphries found her in Myla Sinanaj. She has sweet tits, a thick booty and a passing resemblance to Kim. I think it is safe to say this guy likes his woman on the extra juicy side.

Lately the news as been all about Farrah Abraham and her recently released sex tape through Vivid Video. When Farrah did her video it was a lot better than the Kim Kardashian sex tape because the production quality was much higher. With the Myla Sinanaj video you will see yet another boost in production because this tape isn’t technically a celebrity sex tape. It will be a full fledged porno complete with a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a full camera crew, a seasoned porn actor playing the male part and it will all be in HD!

For me that last part is the deal breaker. I prefer to see this lovely ladies body in full 1080p! Plus, members of Vivid get access to the other celebrity sex tapes and their entire porn video catalog. That is an amazing amount of porn. And, yes, you will be able to watch this thing on your cell phone as well.

Click on those titties and start watching!

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Posted By admin on 07/07/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities

Celebrity Porn Star Mariah Sexton

Any man that considers himself a man knows who this naturally busty hottie is. If you don’t and you still want to keep your man card I suggest you keep reading!

Her name is Mariah Sexton and as far as being a celebrity in the porn industry is concerned, she is an A-list actress. Mariah enjoys supple-menting her income, all the while helping out the common man, by performing in Gold Shows on the www.CamTub.com live sex cams network. These shows were created to give the average guy a porn star experience he might not normally be able to afford. At an ultra low $4 entry price you can’t get any lower than that.

So what will $4 gold get you? In the Mariah Sexton webcam shows you typically get to watch her masturbate, spank herself, suck her own nipples, deep throat a rather large dildo, titty fuck herself with the dildo and then take some requests from the audience.

As with most situations of this kind the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So at $4 you might not even get a response from her, but at $20 you will probably get a simple request fulfilled and that nutcase that tipped $200 will get to call most of the shots. No matter how you cut it though, $4 is fucking sweet!

I am going to give you this link to the Gold Shows so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to find them. Also, here are the celebrity porn star webcams as well. You are all set. Now all you need is some good lube because things are about to get hot in here!

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MrSkin porn review MrSkin porn review

If you were to ask me 3 or 4 years ago if I thought there was ever going to be a chance in hell of seeing Elizabeth Masucci’s ample breasts I would have laughed at you. She was just too damn classy for that sort of thing. Well, as it turns out, I was wrong. Over at MrSkin.com they have quite a few clips of her looking sexy in bikinis and then her breast exposing clip from the movie Shame. Damn does this girl have a body on her!

It really doesn’t matter if you are into Hollywood stars with big breasts or small ones. Mr Skin is an equal opportunity pornographer. He does all of the skipping and fast forwarding so you can enjoy the end result: Hot porn clips featuring your favorite actresses and actors in the buff.

Of course if you are looking for the best deals in porn, including on Mr Skin, there is only one place to go and that is PornTips.com. Their site is loaded with honest porn site reviews.

Along with giving you the low down on what is happening in any given sites members area they also get you into the members area for less. With over 90 sites in their porn discount list you can save hundreds of dollars a year just by using their links to porn sites. No silly codes to cut and paste or strings of characters to remember. Just honest to goodness discounts from a group of people that love porn just as much as you do.

Find out if your favorite site in included in their cheap porn list!

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One Day With Female Pornstar Celebrity Flower Tucci

Blonde girl Flower Tucci did porn video about her day as a pornstar. She is quite known celebrity in adult videos since she got very big ass and she is featured in many porno movies. Our day begins in shopping center where Flower tries to find new clothes. She wants to bought new underwear but needs someone’s opinion. Camera guy gives her proper advice in exchange for look on her ass in panties. Of course she agrees with such deal. Flower is not shy at all. She loves her booty.

Then both goes to have some coffee. They meet another guy who will fuck Flower Tucci today. She is already horny so they don’t stay for long. She wears very sexy pink pants which makes the guy even more hornier. Her bouncing fat as sis perfect for hardcore fuck. Guy oils her ass so it looks even more delicious. Good for Tucci that this guy has very big cock and he can fucks her ass very good. All in all that’s Tucci’s day. Shopping, fucking and eating jizz. It’s good to be female pornstar celebrity, isn’t it?

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I would have to say that this nude photo of Emma Watson is one of the most convincing fake nude pics I have seen in a while. I especially enjoy the fact that the girl who’s body was used has her breasts, her hips and her tight little tummy. They couldn’t have done a better job if they tried.

You can find plenty more where this came from with Dirty Teen Celebrities. They find all of the sexy photos that really did happen, like when Emma Watson flashed her beaver for David Letterman, and if there aren’t any of those, they make some up!

Along with the teen celebrities you get access to their dedicated sites for other niches like MILF celebrities and Asian celebs. They even have a site for celebrity sex tapes. Get it all with one password to the hottest source of teen celebrity nude photos: dirtyteencelebrities.com!

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I have to say that watching celebrity pornstar babes getting fucked has always been something that intrigued and sparked my interest and this is why I have to give props to the guy that aimed the camera like that. It’s aiming at the mirror because he wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t see him record as they fuck. It seems that most of these celebrity babes want and love it when they get backdoor fucked. To be honest. sometimes me and my girlfriend also do some of the scenes as these babes are getting fucked.

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Courtney Cox beaver shot on the Tonight show

Ever since the hit TV show Friends I have had a think for Courtney Cox. Now with Cougar Town in full swing I can’t seem to get enough of her. Like most of you I have seen those fake fantasy celeb photos of Courtney where her face is pasted onto a nude body, but seriously, I feel like a dork looking at those. Often they aren’t even done right so it looks silly with her face slightly too small or off kilter.

I went looking through just about every update on Femjoy looking for a suitable model to stand in for Courtney for me, but none of them were close enough. I am not saying they didn’t look good. I bookmarked and plan to go back there, but I was looking for Courtney.

After some more searching I happened on some pretty good girls, but none were just right until I found Met Art Mary C. Not only was she close enough, she looked a lot like Courtney did back when she was on Friends. Now I can sink my cock deep into Courtney’s wet pussy while looking at Mary C and not even make the distinction between them. Am I nuts? Probably. But at least my needs are getting met.

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There are some pretty good fake pictures of Angelina Jolie nude out there. One of my favorite spots to get them at is called Celeb Matrix and another is called Dirty Teen Celebrities. Both sites have lots of real nude celeb photos and videos, plus a shit-ton more of fake ones to help cure your craving for naked celebrities.

While there are a lot of fake pictures of Angelina, you really don’t need to worry about those because she is one of the few female celebrities that have done plenty of movies in the nude. For that I like MrSkin.com. They have real celebrities with real photos and videos of them naked. I used to think this guy was the most hated person in all of Hollywood, but as it turns out, the producers actually love him. He draws attention to their movies. Even older ones like Pushing Tin where Angelina Jolie is nude.


No matter where you go to remember Angelina Jolie and the boobs she removed to thwart her chances of getting breast cancer, remember that she did it for her own reasons. And be glad there is plenty of places out there to enjoy her naked boobies.

Posted By admin on 05/18/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities

Viewing Kporno nude celebrity videos is new for me. I tried uploading my own videos of my girlfriend, but they didn’t accept them. She is way hotter than Farrah Abraham so I don’t know what their deal was. I did some research and found out that Porniac has a celebrity porn section too. I uploaded my sex video tape with mobile phone into the Porniac website. I added that this video should be in celebrity section. The admin flipped out on me for doing it and told me to never upload videos again.

I don’t mind that my nude girlfriend was sucking the cock of every football player in her school. You can watch my nude girlfriend having sex on the Porniac website. They just don’t show up in the celebrity section.

When none of the above sites worked I went to Youporn mobile phone taped celebrity video section, but she wasn’t a celebrity they decided to put it into their amateur section. So you can’t find my nude girlfriend in youporn mobile celebrity page either. Check our twitter feed to see porn on twitter.

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