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Posted By admin on 07/24/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


“Hey, look at me, people. I am phat as fuck and I am still having fun… until the money runs out. Then I will cry to Jenny Craig to make me skinny again so I can make more money!”

That girl in the white bikini is Kerry Katona. Honestly, I don’t know what all of the fuss is about. When she was skinny she had the bone structure of a man so I always assumed she was a tranny. On top of that, it seems that unless you live in Europe this girl and her singing group are nobodies.

The sad thing about Atomic Kitten is that when Kerry left the group had more success. So how did this bitch get so fucking popular?

In Britain Kerry Katona made a name for herself both as a contestant and as a judge in numerous reality TV shows. Then she got a gig with MTV in which she did several reality shows that followed her around. Eventually her blossoming weight dropped her ratings literally into the toilet and MTV canned her ass.

So what does one do when nobody wants them? Go on Celebrity Big Brother and on there Kerry made runner up.

I think I can remember the incident where Katona and her husband were robbed at knife point in their own home back in 2007. Since it happened in England it is now a vague memory.


Wondering what she is doing in this picture? I think she is wondering what happened to her feet!

article-2175748-141EBCB3000005DC-314_306x782 article-2175748-141EBCAA000005DC-129_306x782

I know! It is so funny that you think you are rocking that white bikini!



Did she marry Cheech Marin?



There are the melons I promised. Thanks for waiting.

Well, if you are going to fucking a chubby chick she might as well have some chubby titties!

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Posted By admin on 07/02/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities

Alec Baldwin, right, and Hilaria Thomas arrive at the 65th annual Tony Awards  in New York

Talk about beauty and the beast. Alec Baldwin recently married Hilaria Thomas on June 30, 2012 at the St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City. Who is Hilaria? Let’s find out!

There isn’t a whole lot of information about Hilaria out there because she was a nobody before she met Baldwin during the Summer of 2011. She is a yoga instructor at Yoga Vida in Manhattan. Perhaps she was his instructor, but Alec is so tight lipped about that sort of thing and it appears nobody was following him to confirm if he visited the studio before their getting together.

What we do know is that Alec Baldwin is 54 and that Hilaria Thomas is only 28! It doesn’t seem so bad now, but think of it this way, while Alec was marrying his first wife Kim Basinger, Hilaria was only six yeas old!



This photo really highlights the age disparity. That blonde girl is Alec’s daughter Ireland. You would swear Alec has one of his seventeen year old daughter’s friends on his lap, not his wife!

Anyway… Hilaria has a hilarious name and a super fine yoga instructor set of ass cheeks.




It is no wonder Alec finds this young lady to good to pass up. We can only hope this time is different for Alec. He had a nasty break up with ex-wife Kim, but maybe that is why he didn’t marry another Hollywood leading lady?

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