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Posted By admin on 12/21/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


What do sex toys, dildos and Singapore and Alexis Texas have to do with your wife or girlfriend? Well, I will tell you. Even though your wife might hate Alexis and the amount of time you spend with her, she would love to be here if a little fairy could wave a magic wand. You could be that fairy and a dildo from sex toys Singapore could be your wand. Sounds like WTF? Let me explain.

ToyOrgasmic.com is looking to add some spice to your sex life. They sell some of the most sought after sex toys from their Singapore warehouse and they have something in stock you can give your wife, or girlfriend, or both(!),  this Holiday season. Something that will allow her to feel the same way you feel when she masturbates.

I like to call it leveling the playing field. She can’t get mad about your fascination with Alexis if you aren’t allowed to get mad that a dildo is giving her longer, stronger, more intense orgasms that you are giving her. You can even spice things up by being the one using it on her!

Make your sex life more interesting with a modern dildo so interesting she will want to explore!

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Posted By admin on 12/19/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


I was going through some of my deceased father’s records and happened upon a single of Dusty Springfield singing “Son of a Preacher Man”. I can’t think of a better, more soulful song for a woman to sing and say something to that effect under my breath.

My daughter who is also going through his records then asks me if I have ever heard Joss Stone’s version of the song and I say no. She then whips out her cell phone and fires up a Youtube video of Joss Stone singing the song during some UK Hall of Fame Awards show. Let me just say it felt odd looking at Joss Stone’s scantly clad body on my daughter’s phone!

After I got home I fired up the video and took some screen shots. Damn this girl is hot. The video should play below.


Joss Stone was originally born Jocelyn Eve Stoker. She was born in England and is twenty-five years old. Her 2003 debut album, The Soul Sessions, launched her career. Back then she was a dirty blonde. While hot, I like her as a redhead a lot better.

With no further ado I will break down the video in pictures.


First we can focus on the fact that she is wearing the smallest, flimsiest looking sleepwear British T.V. will allow. Oh wait. Aren’t these the same people that allowed Benny Hill on the air?


Joss is dance-funk-walking around the stage and into the audience before she bumps into this smooth black guy. He is all smiles when she singles him out for the lyric, “The only boy that could ever teach me…”


Then we get to see his wife’s reaction and he goes stone faced.


Yeah… Good boy. Don’t want to be in the dog house!


Towards the end she rocks out with the band while her ass rocks out with the audience.


That is what Joss Stone looks like with even less clothing on. This girl has a rocking body and rocks that bikini. Her small tits? I’ll live with them. Please! Please let me live with them!

Now it wouldn’t be right of me to mention the song, “Son of a Preacher Man,” without talking about Sarah Connor. Not the one that fought cyborgs from the future in The Terminator. I am talking about the German born singer who chose that as her stage name. The one that wears eight coats of lip gloss when she sings the song.



She too has a rocking body!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of, “Finding Pornographic Meaning In Mainstream Media While Watching Youtube On Your Daughter’s Phone After Finding a Dusty Springfield Single In Your Dad’s Record Collection.” I am Mr Pervert and you are on Female Celebrities (often in the) Nude.

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Posted By admin on 12/02/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


Ever seen this girl before? No, you won’t remember her from a magazine cover or a perfume ad in Times Square. That is because Rebecca Battino is a self made celebrity of sorts. Women like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton made names for themselves by appearing in homemade sex tapes. Girls like Rebecca just slap on a pair of lace panties and a tiny shirt in order to have the same affect on men. The only question is whether or not Rebecca will be able to parlay her Internet celebrity into a million dollar career offline like those other two have done so well.


The funny thing about Rebecca Battino is that she never tried to become an Internet phenomenon. Her pictures were swiped from her computer and shared across the Internet by adoring fans. It wasn’t until weeks after they started appearing in sites like Self-Shot that she even knew she had become a celebrity in her own right.


Now are you ready for a sick piece of information? Rebecca was only 16 years old when she shot these photos. I have a feeling most guys think this girl is at least 18 years old. She looks at least that.


Looks have a weird way of being deceiving though. Unfortunately it seems Rebecca isn’t keen on making money off of her new found celebrity. It sure would be nice for at least one of these Self-Shot candid pics girls to go on to make a name for herself. To reclaim her reputation. Say what you will about Kim and Paris, they both make tons of money on a yearly basis and big business lines up to get a marketing deal with them.


So now that Rebecca is 18 years old it seems odd that she isn’t doing something more with her natural beauty. This girl obviously has a knack for modeling. Does she also have a knack for acting or singing? Fake Facebook profiles of her have as many as 46,000 likes a piece. Add all of those up and you have a platinum album without even having to tour!


You can find the hottest Self Shot candid pics at Self-Shot.com!

They are so popular that they have girls lining up to get their pics on to the site. I guess girls like Rebecca have inspired yet more teenage girls to take erotic, yet legal, pics of themselves in order to share them with the world.


Will this new wave of young debutants be able to handle the bombard-ment of rude comments their jealous peers will inevitably throw at them? Rebecca seems to have lived through it, but I would advise using caution before taking erotic pics of ones self as plenty more girls found the celebrity too much to bear!



Remember: Grass on the pitch is not a good indicator of whether or not it is safe to play ball. Always use your better judgment when entertaining the idea of bringing a young looking girl home from the bar. You never know when a girl is using her older sister’s I.D. and you don’t need that kind of problem!

Better yet, stay home and fap to girls at Self-Shot.com!

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