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Posted By admin on 12/19/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


I was going through some of my deceased father’s records and happened upon a single of Dusty Springfield singing “Son of a Preacher Man”. I can’t think of a better, more soulful song for a woman to sing and say something to that effect under my breath.

My daughter who is also going through his records then asks me if I have ever heard Joss Stone’s version of the song and I say no. She then whips out her cell phone and fires up a Youtube video of Joss Stone singing the song during some UK Hall of Fame Awards show. Let me just say it felt odd looking at Joss Stone’s scantly clad body on my daughter’s phone!

After I got home I fired up the video and took some screen shots. Damn this girl is hot. The video should play below.


Joss Stone was originally born Jocelyn Eve Stoker. She was born in England and is twenty-five years old. Her 2003 debut album, The Soul Sessions, launched her career. Back then she was a dirty blonde. While hot, I like her as a redhead a lot better.

With no further ado I will break down the video in pictures.


First we can focus on the fact that she is wearing the smallest, flimsiest looking sleepwear British T.V. will allow. Oh wait. Aren’t these the same people that allowed Benny Hill on the air?


Joss is dance-funk-walking around the stage and into the audience before she bumps into this smooth black guy. He is all smiles when she singles him out for the lyric, “The only boy that could ever teach me…”


Then we get to see his wife’s reaction and he goes stone faced.


Yeah… Good boy. Don’t want to be in the dog house!


Towards the end she rocks out with the band while her ass rocks out with the audience.


That is what Joss Stone looks like with even less clothing on. This girl has a rocking body and rocks that bikini. Her small tits? I’ll live with them. Please! Please let me live with them!

Now it wouldn’t be right of me to mention the song, “Son of a Preacher Man,” without talking about Sarah Connor. Not the one that fought cyborgs from the future in The Terminator. I am talking about the German born singer who chose that as her stage name. The one that wears eight coats of lip gloss when she sings the song.



She too has a rocking body!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of, “Finding Pornographic Meaning In Mainstream Media While Watching Youtube On Your Daughter’s Phone After Finding a Dusty Springfield Single In Your Dad’s Record Collection.” I am Mr Pervert and you are on Female Celebrities (often in the) Nude.

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