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Posted By admin on 10/31/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities

This is a very special even brought to you but the people at adultcamchat. Nobody else can get you in free to video chat with a celebrity as hot as Ainsley Addison. She has posed for both Playboy and Twistys making her a bonafide star in my book!

If you have ever fantasized about this girl I am sure you will take full advantage of this free event. And if you haven’t? I am sure you will still signup and enjoy a live free chat with a celebrity. Who wouldn’t?

As with all of their events you also have the option of ditching the crowd and taking her private. Remember, she is a porn star so there isn’t a whole lot of things she won’t do. Also remember that she is way out of your league so be kind and respectful.

Don’t sit there waiting for the date. Signup now and they will send you a reminder. It is so much easier and even chumps like us can’t fuck that kind of shit up.

Posted By admin on 10/23/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


I asked my 40 year old girlfriend if she knew who this girl was and she hadn’t the slightest of clues. One thing she did comment about was that she thought she was a bit on the fat side. I think her exact words were that she should eat less cheeseburgers and more salads.

Why do women always do that? They hate it when others talk about their muffin top or some nasty cellulite on the backside. Then they themselves go around talking the same shit about everyone else.


Personally I don’t mind a girl having some junk in the trunk. I even told my GF she’d better hope I continue to enjoy it because she won’t be able to keep her figure forever.


Besides, it isn’t like she has a huge belly or anything. Deena Nicole Cortese just happens to have the genes that give you wider hips and bigger tits than the haters have.

Find your favorite reality stars getting naked or just plain sexy at Reality Star Scandals. They will keep you up to date on which Hollywood celebs are turning into total sluts. The site is part of a large network so you even get stuff like camel toe pics and a multitude of other niches in the celebrity genre.

Posted By admin on 10/23/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


Ask a woman about Kelly Divine and she probably won’t know who you are talking about. Ask a man about her and he might whip out his cell phone and show you some Kelly Divine mobile porn videos. That is because even mobile porno stars are becoming as well known as their Hollywood counter-parts as porn goes digital.

With the advent of mobile porn men and women can enjoy porn quicker and easier than ever before. Many anti-porn groups have come forward in protest saying that increasingly easier access to porn will lead to lengthier viewing habits. This is a short sited view though. On the contrary, having easier access to porn often leads to less time spent using devious methods to view it. This in turn means the user can then spend more quality time with those around them.

There will always be exceptions to the rule. But then they were already the exception when porn wasn’t mobile yet. Shoot your load all over Kelly Divine’s ass! Now you know why they make those water (sperm) proof cell phone cases!

Posted By admin on 10/18/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


You think your daughter is a wild child? You haven’t seen what happens when a girl is thrust into the spotlight by the time she is ten years old. Girls like Selena Gomez are acting out in droves. Hollywood can’t put a damper on them fast enough!

Dirty Teen Celebrities pays photographers to get the salacious pics and videos you desire. You know full well that Selena knew a photographer was taking her photos. She decided to flash them in a bid to shed her girly typecasting and finally become a woman. The only thing going through my mind is that she is a little slut. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


In these naughty photos of Selena Gomez you almost feel like you are spying on the girl next door. Only she is a bit hotter than the girl next door and she makes a lot more money.



Who ever it is she is talking to it looks like she is wishing she was at home so she could dig her fingers into her cunt. Selena might look all cute and cuddly, but don’t let the good looks fool you. She is just as much of a slut in bed as Paris Hilton!



Find more of Selena Gomez and hundreds of other salaciously tasty teen celebs at Dirty Teen Celebrities. The site updates with new pics and videos each week and gives you access to a larger network with sites focusing on different celebrity niches like MILF, ebony, Asian and more!

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