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Posted By admin on 02/01/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


My favorite character in the movie Twilight is Alice Cullen. Sure Bella is cute, but she lacks confidence and acts like a bumbling idiot. I have dated my fare share of girls in high school and their immaturity is off-putting. Alice on the other hand is confident and very hot!

The only problem now is that Ashley Greene has been being a naughty girl with her camera. She snapped some nude pictures of herself sometime around 2008/2009 when she was about 21 years old. Old enough to drink legally, but not old enough to use her brain apparently.


Ashley Greene handbra nude photo.


Ashley Greene nude pussy photo.


Ashley Greene topless photo.

We don’t know who she sent these photos too, but we can safely say whom ever received them enjoyed them enough to share them with some friends.

Get more at Dirty Teen Celebrities.

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Posted By admin on 02/01/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


Alexis Texas is as American as hot apple pie. Oddly enough that is about what her pussy feels like when you nuzzle your cock deep up inside it’s folds. Alexis has been making porn videos now for over six years. Each and every one of them is worthy of a gold medal. Only they don’t give out gold medals for making porn videos. So I guess industry awards will just have to do, and Alexis has plenty of them.

You can become the director by telling this porn star what you want her to do on her celebrity porn star webcam show. Alexis says she is willing to do just about anything to please her fans. Even if it means she has to try something new!

We here at Nude Female Celebrities enjoy a woman this vivacious and spontaneous. We hope you take her up on her offer and have her do something even a porn star would never think up.

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Posted By admin on 02/01/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


The Ravens will be going to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans this year, but one senior cheerleader on their squad won’t be because she is too fat according to reports. Courtney Lenz, 23, of Baltimore, has a Facebook page, HelpUsGetCourtneyToSuperbowl, collecting likes to try and overturn the Ravens decision to leave her at home. Currently it has over 5,700 likes. There is also a petition with over 25,000 signatures.

The controversy started when the Ravens became upset with her weight gain going from 121 lbs. to 124 lbs. Courtney weighed in at 120 lbs. when she started with the Ravens and figured a few extra would be allotted for each year of seniority with the team. She was wrong.

Even after hiring a personal trainer and a nutritionist Courtney could not lose the weight, and in fact, ended up gaining more fat! In the end she ended up weighing 125.6 lbs. which was a lot more than the Ravens could bare.


Since then she seems to have added even more weight. If I didn’t know any better I would say her current size has her looking exactly like Food Network personality and chef Rachael Ray.


Is she too fat to cheer?

I have never been one to shy away from a girl with a few extra pounds, but cheerleaders do a lot of bouncing around. A lot of curves need to keep their place. At her current size I don’t see that happening.

Courtney has an exit plan and will go on to do something outside of cheerleading. Where ever she ends up those people will be blessed to have her. Good luck, Courtney!

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Posted By admin on 01/15/13 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


Hollywood is a scary place. They put unneeded pressure on female celebrities to do things they probably shouldn’t do. Take for instance Frankie Essex in a red bikini. Her curvy body is gorgeous and yet Hollywood was not happy of this UK reality star. Even the British tabloids tore her apart for being fat. I don’t think she looks fat at all!


I know plenty of people, me included, that would love to rub some lotion into her chunky ass. Just because she is a female celebrity doesn’t mean she has to fit some kind of unrealistic mold.




Get more Frankie Essex bikini pics on Nude Celebs. While you are at it don’t forget to try Reality Star Scandals. The only site devoted to finding the best reality star sex tapes and sexy photos so you don’t have to waste time looking for them. They also give you the rights to view them ALL so you don’t end up buying each individually.

Reality Star Scandals keeps you in the nude female celebrity loop!

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What do sex toys, dildos and Singapore and Alexis Texas have to do with your wife or girlfriend? Well, I will tell you. Even though your wife might hate Alexis and the amount of time you spend with her, she would love to be here if a little fairy could wave a magic wand. You could be that fairy and a dildo from sex toys Singapore could be your wand. Sounds like WTF? Let me explain.

ToyOrgasmic.com is looking to add some spice to your sex life. They sell some of the most sought after sex toys from their Singapore warehouse and they have something in stock you can give your wife, or girlfriend, or both(!),  this Holiday season. Something that will allow her to feel the same way you feel when she masturbates.

I like to call it leveling the playing field. She can’t get mad about your fascination with Alexis if you aren’t allowed to get mad that a dildo is giving her longer, stronger, more intense orgasms that you are giving her. You can even spice things up by being the one using it on her!

Make your sex life more interesting with a modern dildo so interesting she will want to explore!

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Posted By admin on 12/19/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


I was going through some of my deceased father’s records and happened upon a single of Dusty Springfield singing “Son of a Preacher Man”. I can’t think of a better, more soulful song for a woman to sing and say something to that effect under my breath.

My daughter who is also going through his records then asks me if I have ever heard Joss Stone’s version of the song and I say no. She then whips out her cell phone and fires up a Youtube video of Joss Stone singing the song during some UK Hall of Fame Awards show. Let me just say it felt odd looking at Joss Stone’s scantly clad body on my daughter’s phone!

After I got home I fired up the video and took some screen shots. Damn this girl is hot. The video should play below.


Joss Stone was originally born Jocelyn Eve Stoker. She was born in England and is twenty-five years old. Her 2003 debut album, The Soul Sessions, launched her career. Back then she was a dirty blonde. While hot, I like her as a redhead a lot better.

With no further ado I will break down the video in pictures.


First we can focus on the fact that she is wearing the smallest, flimsiest looking sleepwear British T.V. will allow. Oh wait. Aren’t these the same people that allowed Benny Hill on the air?


Joss is dance-funk-walking around the stage and into the audience before she bumps into this smooth black guy. He is all smiles when she singles him out for the lyric, “The only boy that could ever teach me…”


Then we get to see his wife’s reaction and he goes stone faced.


Yeah… Good boy. Don’t want to be in the dog house!


Towards the end she rocks out with the band while her ass rocks out with the audience.


That is what Joss Stone looks like with even less clothing on. This girl has a rocking body and rocks that bikini. Her small tits? I’ll live with them. Please! Please let me live with them!

Now it wouldn’t be right of me to mention the song, “Son of a Preacher Man,” without talking about Sarah Connor. Not the one that fought cyborgs from the future in The Terminator. I am talking about the German born singer who chose that as her stage name. The one that wears eight coats of lip gloss when she sings the song.



She too has a rocking body!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of, “Finding Pornographic Meaning In Mainstream Media While Watching Youtube On Your Daughter’s Phone After Finding a Dusty Springfield Single In Your Dad’s Record Collection.” I am Mr Pervert and you are on Female Celebrities (often in the) Nude.

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Posted By admin on 12/02/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


Ever seen this girl before? No, you won’t remember her from a magazine cover or a perfume ad in Times Square. That is because Rebecca Battino is a self made celebrity of sorts. Women like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton made names for themselves by appearing in homemade sex tapes. Girls like Rebecca just slap on a pair of lace panties and a tiny shirt in order to have the same affect on men. The only question is whether or not Rebecca will be able to parlay her Internet celebrity into a million dollar career offline like those other two have done so well.


The funny thing about Rebecca Battino is that she never tried to become an Internet phenomenon. Her pictures were swiped from her computer and shared across the Internet by adoring fans. It wasn’t until weeks after they started appearing in sites like Self-Shot that she even knew she had become a celebrity in her own right.


Now are you ready for a sick piece of information? Rebecca was only 16 years old when she shot these photos. I have a feeling most guys think this girl is at least 18 years old. She looks at least that.


Looks have a weird way of being deceiving though. Unfortunately it seems Rebecca isn’t keen on making money off of her new found celebrity. It sure would be nice for at least one of these Self-Shot candid pics girls to go on to make a name for herself. To reclaim her reputation. Say what you will about Kim and Paris, they both make tons of money on a yearly basis and big business lines up to get a marketing deal with them.


So now that Rebecca is 18 years old it seems odd that she isn’t doing something more with her natural beauty. This girl obviously has a knack for modeling. Does she also have a knack for acting or singing? Fake Facebook profiles of her have as many as 46,000 likes a piece. Add all of those up and you have a platinum album without even having to tour!


You can find the hottest Self Shot candid pics at Self-Shot.com!

They are so popular that they have girls lining up to get their pics on to the site. I guess girls like Rebecca have inspired yet more teenage girls to take erotic, yet legal, pics of themselves in order to share them with the world.


Will this new wave of young debutants be able to handle the bombard-ment of rude comments their jealous peers will inevitably throw at them? Rebecca seems to have lived through it, but I would advise using caution before taking erotic pics of ones self as plenty more girls found the celebrity too much to bear!



Remember: Grass on the pitch is not a good indicator of whether or not it is safe to play ball. Always use your better judgment when entertaining the idea of bringing a young looking girl home from the bar. You never know when a girl is using her older sister’s I.D. and you don’t need that kind of problem!

Better yet, stay home and fap to girls at Self-Shot.com!

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Posted By admin on 11/13/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


As if things couldn’t get any better we have Christie Stevens ready to rock your world tomorrow night. Watch her perform free nude video chat all night long. Michael Jackson nailed it when he said it doesn’t matter if you are black or white because Christie likes getting laid from both ends from two brothas from another motha. Add your cock into the mix and give this girl a Neapolitan dessert she won’t soon forget complete with whipped cream topping on her titillating tatas!

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Posted By admin on 10/31/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities

This is a very special even brought to you but the people at adultcamchat. Nobody else can get you in free to video chat with a celebrity as hot as Ainsley Addison. She has posed for both Playboy and Twistys making her a bonafide star in my book!

If you have ever fantasized about this girl I am sure you will take full advantage of this free event. And if you haven’t? I am sure you will still signup and enjoy a live free chat with a celebrity. Who wouldn’t?

As with all of their events you also have the option of ditching the crowd and taking her private. Remember, she is a porn star so there isn’t a whole lot of things she won’t do. Also remember that she is way out of your league so be kind and respectful.

Don’t sit there waiting for the date. Signup now and they will send you a reminder. It is so much easier and even chumps like us can’t fuck that kind of shit up.

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I asked my 40 year old girlfriend if she knew who this girl was and she hadn’t the slightest of clues. One thing she did comment about was that she thought she was a bit on the fat side. I think her exact words were that she should eat less cheeseburgers and more salads.

Why do women always do that? They hate it when others talk about their muffin top or some nasty cellulite on the backside. Then they themselves go around talking the same shit about everyone else.


Personally I don’t mind a girl having some junk in the trunk. I even told my GF she’d better hope I continue to enjoy it because she won’t be able to keep her figure forever.


Besides, it isn’t like she has a huge belly or anything. Deena Nicole Cortese just happens to have the genes that give you wider hips and bigger tits than the haters have.

Find your favorite reality stars getting naked or just plain sexy at Reality Star Scandals. They will keep you up to date on which Hollywood celebs are turning into total sluts. The site is part of a large network so you even get stuff like camel toe pics and a multitude of other niches in the celebrity genre.

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Ask a woman about Kelly Divine and she probably won’t know who you are talking about. Ask a man about her and he might whip out his cell phone and show you some Kelly Divine mobile porn videos. That is because even mobile porno stars are becoming as well known as their Hollywood counter-parts as porn goes digital.

With the advent of mobile porn men and women can enjoy porn quicker and easier than ever before. Many anti-porn groups have come forward in protest saying that increasingly easier access to porn will lead to lengthier viewing habits. This is a short sited view though. On the contrary, having easier access to porn often leads to less time spent using devious methods to view it. This in turn means the user can then spend more quality time with those around them.

There will always be exceptions to the rule. But then they were already the exception when porn wasn’t mobile yet. Shoot your load all over Kelly Divine’s ass! Now you know why they make those water (sperm) proof cell phone cases!

Posted By admin on 10/18/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


You think your daughter is a wild child? You haven’t seen what happens when a girl is thrust into the spotlight by the time she is ten years old. Girls like Selena Gomez are acting out in droves. Hollywood can’t put a damper on them fast enough!

Dirty Teen Celebrities pays photographers to get the salacious pics and videos you desire. You know full well that Selena knew a photographer was taking her photos. She decided to flash them in a bid to shed her girly typecasting and finally become a woman. The only thing going through my mind is that she is a little slut. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


In these naughty photos of Selena Gomez you almost feel like you are spying on the girl next door. Only she is a bit hotter than the girl next door and she makes a lot more money.



Who ever it is she is talking to it looks like she is wishing she was at home so she could dig her fingers into her cunt. Selena might look all cute and cuddly, but don’t let the good looks fool you. She is just as much of a slut in bed as Paris Hilton!



Find more of Selena Gomez and hundreds of other salaciously tasty teen celebs at Dirty Teen Celebrities. The site updates with new pics and videos each week and gives you access to a larger network with sites focusing on different celebrity niches like MILF, ebony, Asian and more!

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They say that you should not flog a dead horse. It has been so long that the Kim Kardashian sex tape was leaked that I’d say it hardly qualifies as a dead horse. It was released so long ago that most people don’t even know it was what made her famous!

Gossip sex tapes have a way of getting out into the open with the Internet, but you really have to be careful. Lawyers have been going after people who download them illegally by tracking your IP address and they are very good at letting your neighbors know about your illegal activities. It is far better to get your celebrity sex tapes from reputable sources.

At GossipTapes.com they review the hottest nude female celebrity sex tapes and point you to reputable sources to obtain them. Everything can be handled in private so that nobody can know how devious your dirty mind really is!

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According to her profile page Sonia seems to be a super naughty babe. She says she enjoys watching hardcore porn with her visitors inside her private adult chat room and masturbate together. Basically that’s an invitation to a webcam 2 webcam sex session. If you’re ready to experience that then you should check out her room right away. With the ease of a single click you could be chatting with her and watching her live webcam streaming right from her bedroom. There are thousands of hot cam girls online but we can assure you that there aren’t so many real amateurs such as Sonia.

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Posted By admin on 08/08/12 - Bookmark Nude Female Celebrities


The guys over at Fake Fantasy have outdone themselves with their newest release of Natalie Portman nude. Besides the fact that Maxim doesn’t have nude models, you almost want to believe that picture!

Even though stars like Britney Spears show off their naked pussy to the media from time to time, they don’t show off nearly enough skin to make it an entire package. Like, going completely nude! So Fake Fantasy takes it upon themselves to show us what the stars would look like naked.

And I have to say, they do a pretty convincing job!


So if your goal for the evening is to rub one off on a red hot star I say strike while the iron is hot! Natalia Portman is total fab-bait and there is no reason to deny yourself!

Find more nude female celebrities at Fake Fantasy!

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